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About Bi-Tron


Save money every time you turn on your
vehicle by using Bi-Tron!

Bi-Tron was developed for the military for use in extreme conditions because of its ability to provide lubrication in an wide range of temperatures and conditions.

Bi-Tron Technology

Natureline's Bi-Tron


In 1994, a group of scientists released a technology previously held as a military secret. This product was a metal treatment that was used extreme conditions because of its ability to provide lubrication in an wide range of temperatures and conditions.

After further research by a leading automobile industry engineer, the technology was acquired by Natureline, further enhanced, and within a few short years, sales reached $100 million.

Bi-Tron products are regularly improved upon as a result of continuing research and development by leading chemists from the U.S., Canada, Australia and England. Today, Natureline's Bi-Tron products are renowned for their positive environmental impact. We all now have to ask ourselves: "What are we doing to preserve the environment - for our self, our children and the children of tomorrow?" Start making a difference today.

Bi-Tron Feedback

"On a recent trip I filled up the tank before we left. I usually add 4oz of Bi-Tron per fill-up. We drive a gas guzzling V8 SUV and always watch, and are appalled at, the cost of running it. After we arrived my husband filled up the car. It took 69.279 Liters to fill. This time he added the Bi-Tron. He's a bit more liberal with the use of the Fuel Conditioner than I am; he added the rest of the bottle, about 6oz.

We drove back the same route, in worse traffic, and gassed up once we returned. The return trip used 62.577 Liters. By my math that's 6.702 Liters less gasoline and taking into account the cost that saved me exactly $6.

Using a couple of ounces more than the recommended amount cost $3 and saved me an additional $6! I'm already getting significant savings using the products both in mileage (about 18%) and through not using premium gas as my manufacturer would have me do. Using regular gas saves me about $9 each time I fill-up! I get better mileage and performance with regular gas plus Bi-Tron.

The product was already more than paying for itself but more really is better!

Do you think I'll keep using a higher dose of gas conditioner?"

K. Reuter

" I have been using Bi-Tron Fuel Conditioner for just over two months now and I can't tell you how pleased I am with the performance of my vehicle. The increase in mileage per liter was gradual at first and has now reached an increase of 11 km per liter and that is in city driving. We have reached the conclusion that we will be using Bi-Tron in all of our vehicles. Now lets get to the product I am very excited about, the Bi-Tron Engine Treatment. I used to get an oil change every 3,000 km, now we can go 6,000 km between changes and the oil is still clean. The best part about this product is that the engine runs so much cooler thereby reducing friction and wear and keeping the costs of repair to a minimum. We really like saving money. We recommend Bi-Tron for any vehicle regardless of its age and you can bet I will recommend these products to my friends."

Doug M.

"I have never written a letter promoting or recommending a product of any kind before but in this particular instance I felt I had to. Let me tell you the story.

My 1991 Ford pickup 4x4 was having trouble getting from A to B due to transmission problems. It became very temperamental, just like a lazy teenager. Ask it to do something and then wait until it feels like it to move.

Well I was at Jerry Heinrich's one day and I told him I might not be able to back out of his yard.

He asked me if it was okay if we tried some Bi-Tron [Powertrain Formulation] product and see if it would help the transmission. Well within a few kilometers it was working like a young adult and then a few more kilometers it had all its life back. I know it sounds unbelievable but this stuff really works and not only that I put some engine treatment in the motor and now the only complaint I have is that the fan belts make more noise than the rest of the engine . Since this now we have done both differentials the transfer case and the power steering. This truck is running awesome and I don't see where I'm going to have to pull the transmission. Thank you Bi-Tron!

Also, if this isn't enough, I had Jerry try the Bi-Tron Penetrating Lube on a pair of garden shears that I thought were destined for the landfill . They were rusted and seized up so bad they were immobile. Well these shears are back in service as good as new. More money saved! I'm now a firm believer in the Bi-Tron products and I would recommend that everyone be using them.

We have since Bi-Tronized my wife's car as well from one end to the other.

Well I guess the moral of this story is if you want some products that you can trust and believe in Bi-Tron."

Doug L.

" On a trip from Mission to Oyama, about 350km, in my 2000 Ford F350 Superduty crew cab, 4X4, 8' box, powered by a V10, traveling via the Coquihalla I went up snow shed hill at 130 km, I still had lots of throttle left, and averaged 115 -118 km/h all the way. When I converted all the figures over I had made the trip at 16.8 miles to the gallon! Huge improvement!"

Jeff B.

"My friends were getting 23 miles per gallon. After I "Bi-Tronized" their vehicle they were receiving 28 miles per gallon."

Tuula R.

"The printer head on my HP printer kept jamming. Even after cleaning the cartridge with rubbing alcohol it still jammed. After applying one application of the Bi-Tron Pen Lube the problem was fixed."

Neil L.

" Our car, an Acura 3.2 CL, now runs on regular gas instead of premium and gets 75-80 km more mileage per tank. Which is approximately 20%!"

Dale F.

"I bought some product and put it into my 1979 Volvo with 500,000 miles on it and now it runs like new. On top of that when using all the products with the Fuel Conditioner I am saving 25% on fuel using regular gas. I'm sold on Bi-Tron!"

Chris C.

" I used to drive a car that only took premium fuel. I tried Bi-Tron's Fuel Conditioner with regular fuel. Immediately with the first use of Bi-Tron I was already saving 10 cents a liter!"

Bob F.

"A retail customer of mine was driving when his oil pick up tube fell off inside the oil pan. He continued on (round trip of approx. 40km) with absolutely no oil circulation. He later found out the cause from his mechanic and now has come to the realization that the only thing that saved his engine was Bi-Tron's products."

Steve E.

"My Truck lock would get really stuck every couple of months, to the point were I would have to crawl in through the passenger door. I tried using WD-40 and it did help but only for just over a month. Then I tried Bi-Tron's Pen Lube 10 months ago, since then I have haven't had a single problem with my lock."

Ken K.

" Bi-Tron's Pen Lube just saved us an $1100 repair. My husband Tim was blowing fuses in the truck constantly. He used the Pen Lube once on all the connections and has not had a single problem since. When quoting the problem prior to using Bi-Tron we were told that it would cost $1100."

Jo-Anne M.

" Prior to using Bi-Tron products I got 500km per tank of gas. After using the products I was reaching 600km per tank. Now I don't have to visit the gas station as much!"

Patrick P.

"I would like you to know that my experience with using Bi-Tron has been totally positive. I first installed Bi-Tron Fuel Conditioner just before a trip from Kelowna to Vancouver [400km]. I monitored my car's performance on the way to Vancouver, but didn't really notice any difference. On the way back, however, it was very obvious that the car was running more smoothly. As I was driving up the Coquihalla Highway, I noticed that the car had not downshifted. This is unheard of for this car! I actually made it all the way to the summit without having the car downshift.

I have kept track of my mileage for the month that I have been using Bi-Tron. My miles per tankful has increased by 19.5%. When I did the math, I found that my saving, after deducting the cost of the Fuel Conditioner was $62.00 in one month. This works out to a saving of $744.00 per year. I actually anticipate that my savings will be greater than this because I am now using the Bi-Tron Engine Treatment as well.

My car is a 2003 Toyota Corolla.

Al M.

"My 1986 Mazda pick up truck was having a lot of problems with the manual steering me and my wife were even having difficulty parking because it was so stiff. I was introduced to Bi-Tron's Powertrain Formulation and I added 2oz to my Mazda and the problem was fixed. I couldn't believe it I was about to go and buy a new car with power steering.

30% more mileage on Mazda and huge difference in driving. Quieter, its like a new car."

Bruce N.

" We were getting 220 to 225 miles to 10 gallons or 44 liters of fuel. We noticed an immediate improvement in the cars performance but what has really got my attention is that we are now getting 275 to 290 miles on the same amount of fuel. This means that every fifth tank of fuel is FREE!"

Duane A.

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